Buy CSGO Prime Accounts For Cheap

What is CS GO Prime?

It’s just a type of an upgraded which is provided by the steam for the players who bought the game called CSGO & It can also be achieved by the players who play CSGO up to level 21 which is the level achieved by playing various modes of CSGO, make note the same thing goes up to level 40-41 after that your csgo level reset but you are also awarded a CSGO Medal, There is a huge demand for the CSGO Medal Accounts, If you like you can buy one of the CSGO Medal Account Which is also called as CSGO High Tier Accounts.

Are CSGO Prime Accounts For Sale?

Well, typically you won’t get the steam game called CSGO throughout the year for sale still you can always buy a CSGO Prime Account from our website for cheap. Which also removes the restrictions of playing only 2 competitive games with quick delivery.

Are CSGO Prime Account Safe For Buying From CSGOSMURFPIME?

Yea, go ahead and buy yourself a CSGO Prime Account from our website we ensure you quality at a decent rate and also provide required support until you use hacks on them you’re all covered with our service but make sure not to violate steam rules cause we only charge for service of providing it!! so you can just play easily without spending hours on the account to enjoy features with no restrictions. We just make your life simple & save time.


Is There Something Called free CSGO Prime Account Generator?

No, There nothing called free csgo prime account generator but this is typically a scam that lures people to download some kind of malware or virus which later on takes the credentials from the computer of various other files are also breached.

Is There’s something called CSGO Prime Account Generator?

Nope, it’s the same scam as it was disclosed before.

What are CSGO Prime Ready Accounts?

CSGO Prime Ready Accounts Are The Accounts Which Have Prime Status Already Enabled Which Are Also The Game Accounts That Has Been Played Before By Some Other Players, In Short, They’re Just Normal Prime Accounts With Some Hours & Ranks On It.

So You Can Just Buy Similar Like It From Our Website CSGOSMURFPRIME > Prime Accounts Section

How Valve Steam, Define CSGO Account Prime Status?

In Steam’s CSGO Prime Status is a feature within CSGO GAME for the players who have bought CS: GO during the sale or normally via activated game via CD-KEY Or On Steam Market who are at Profile Level 21 or above. Users who have Prime Status receive benefits only available to Prime users in the game itself.

What are the benefits of CSGO Prime Accounts Status?

Users with Prime Status on their CSGO account can match-make with and against only other Prime Status users in all game modes which helps you to protect against hackers usually. Also, CSGO Prime Account users are eligible for souvenir items drops during the CSGO tournaments , item & package drops, and CSGO weapon cases, and have access to all Community-operated servers which can also be resold on the steam market so if you like to play CSGO in the longer term you can eventually pull out the amount you spent on CSGO buying it.


Prime Status can be added to an account of two methods:


  • By purchasing the Prime Status Upgrade from csgosmurfprime
  • By reaching Profile Level 21 in CS: GO steam account & which is the hard-way & time consuming to play around for hours so the best way is to buy one and relax and get all the benefit for cheap


What If I already On CS: GO Profile Level 21. How do I switch to or get into Prime Status?

All Gamer’s who owned & played CS: GO in the 5 years before Dec 6th, 2018 have been automatically upgraded to Prime Status. To check and confirm Prime Status on the CSGO of your steam account, press the ‘Play’  and look for a logo which state’s  ‘PRIME ENABLED’ on the next screen. if the procedure is followed exactly then you are a CSGO prime account holder but if you see the prime missing then refer the above or buy CSGO prime account from our store for cheap with after service until you use hacks on it.

Can we remove the Prime Status from my Steam’s CSGO Prime Account?

No.Currently there is no other way to remove Prime Status from your CSGO Steam account. Maybe such feature might roll up in future but for now there is no chance of removing the prime status from the CSGO steam account.

Can Prime account Holders and Non-Prime account users play together?

Yes both of the players can play together, but we rather won’t suggest you to do so since as per 2020, the amount of chances of meeting an hacker on non-prime account is 70% & one person who really loves to play clean on CSGO doesn’t really like to play with a hackers. 

So even if the whole lobby has users who are prime and only even one person in the lobby who’s non-prime will discard the whole team from prime match making and the whole game will be played as non-prime lobby which is sad but the chances of meeting hackers in such rise by 70%

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Is the new update of the steam CSGO Prime upgrade really worth the shot?

Well, the upgrade is literally free & CSGO Prime Account status. But still one can either buy the status directly from either steam which is expensive or one can get the same thing from www.csgosmurfprime.com for cheap.
The CSGO Prime Account, only ensures that your trust factor is high and you’re a legit personal which means it going to match-make against other legit players who are playing since the time you’re playing the game.
So the overall chances of meeting a hacker in a game is a little bit reduced in with CSGO Prime Account.